Monday, January 6, 2014

streams of thought...january 6th, 2014

Welcome back…
You know the one thing about having a holiday in the middle of the week is that no one really wants to accomplish much in the few days before or even afterwards.  We seem to be ok with just maintaining. We want to just keep things floating along; so that when the new week begins, we can then start to move forward. Hopefully, we gave ourselves permission to have a moment of relaxation and renewal during the past two weeks. I know that it can be difficult to rest.
I love introspection time and that might be why I enjoy the winter time so much. The fact that I enjoy it too much might explain my being single, too. However, I think sometimes that periods of solitude can be so long that we lose track of time and its purpose. We can lose our concentration of what we needed to do and the time frame within we have to do it in. Solitude and introspection are like a lot of other things. They need to be time of fluidity.  A time of immersion that teaches us how to move in a new way.
I am asking myself this morning… with my warm cup of coffee nearby me… “T” all curled up asleep on her mat… what is motivating me?
If my motivation is fear, then I will run out of energy before too long.  I am afraid that time is too short. In fear, we will either fight or run as hard as we can but our adrenaline will only carry us so far.  Our body will reregulate itself and it will search for equilibrium.
If it is a dream, then I will need to act upon it before it becomes a fantasy.  It will just be a vision of what could be but it never becomes tangible. It will only be words spoken or thoughts of what might have been but it never becomes anything more than just an idea. 
What motivates us?  It is a good question because right now a lot of us are looking for something to motivate us to keep the resolutions that we made just last week. We are beginning to question what prompted us to set the goals that we did only a few days ago. Oh, we can point to the clothes that we wanted to but are not able to fit into.  We can look at our kids then say that we need more energy and stamina to keep up with them; so we need to get healthier. Or we can evaluate our current employment situation and determine that we need that next level of certification or degree.
What inspires us? It may be a very fine line between motivate and inspire. But when I think of something that inspires me I begin to feel it more in my “heart”… a place that is deeper within me then when I am motivated.  When I am motivated it become more of a logical process. When I think of being motivated I think of something that externally is moving me to do something. For example, I know that I have bills to pay; so I am motivated to find work that pays me enough to meet my obligations. When I see something that ignites a sense of creativity, I am then inspired.  I want to act on that stimulus in a way that resonates with my core values and reflects a part of who I am.
Instead of only thinking about what is going to motivate you, think about what is going to inspire you.  What is going to touch your emotional and rational attributes? We might be best challenged to try to discover how we will best achieve equilibrium; because without it none of this will be sustainable for the long term.
Let’s look at our calendars and break script…. see you on the trails…. Namaste

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