Sunday, March 3, 2013

thoughts on the journey….. 03.03.2013 | Mtnrunner4478's Blog

Sitting in the coffee shop….. one of my favorite places to be. The warmth of the sun radiates through the window. Seeing couples out on the patios…. some talking… some just listening…. watching the traffic of conversations… the traffic of emotions…. the interaction of people.

I wonder how their lifes are going. Do they have the struggles of a normal day? Wondering how they will pay their bills. Wondering what to do with an unexpected bonus. Wondering if a relationship broken will be repaired. Maybe they are enjoying a new home…. or a new love…. a birth or the expectancy of an impending birth.

It is good seeing people out and about. The winterness of the year is coming to a close. Many are lamenting the ending of the ski season while others are excited to get their road bikes out so that they can ride them in the parks.

I also noticed that my little city is a pretty young community. Youthful in age as well as in activity. It is not an odd thing to see a geriatiric person rollerblading or a octgearian laced up and running.
It is nice to see couples walking hand in hand. For awhile I thought that went out of style.

Yes, it is a season of change. We all stand at a threshold of change.

I think that is why I am so against the poverty of thought. To think nothing will ever change just because it is not happening in what is our acceptable amount of time. And even more the thought that nothing should change. Are we that opposed to embrace the possibility that we walk away or even reject the idea that something new can be better?

My philosophies of what I believe are in constant flux. I am probably the least rigid person that you could ever meet but that doesn’t mean that I will not stand my ground in what I believe. I still have my belief in the Triune God. I have accepted that the gift of God’s love is based on desire not on expectations. My belief that as a christian my sole objective in life is to save a soul has been replaced by a belief that my true purpose is just to love and value another person. My choice of where I live is no longer hidden in my childhood fantasy of what is safe. My childhood heroes are no longer overpaid sports players. My body no longer craves what is unhealthy but it thrives on what will help me to attain my goals. My political belief is no longer in a system but it is in a hope that as a community of people we want a better country. My belief in the economic system that we have is not the same as it was a few years ago.

There is a difference in being open minded. close minded and no minded.

I think that I am in the midst of a collision…… but yet better known as a season of change. Hope springs eternal…. not just once every four years. Oh by the way, spring is almost here.

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